Tuesday, 8 June 2010

With all the new shiney bits, and new brakes.
Now looking forward to using it and doing the final touches before the round Briatin reliability run.
Thanks to my brother and dad for all their help and pearls of wisdom during this `mini` engine overhaul.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New Head Gasket

It started with a rolling road tune up only to be told that the carbs were not the best and needed either replacing or reconditioning. So I bought some new ones. Which look, as you can see rather nice!!

The carbs got replaced a few days before we did the HCR (photos of that to follow later now I`m back into updating the blog) We didn`t have time to get the car back on the roling road but with a little bit of tuning, the new carbs worked very well giving 42mpg. The only problem then was the leaking oil from the cylinder head.

So .... the engine came out for a bit of tidying up.

And whilst it was out and the head was of, it seemed like a good idea to sort out the valves and clean things up.

And then there was the rocker cover.

Which I`m still not sure about, only because I have seen a chrome one on ebay which looks very nice. However I`m still thinking on this one, as I have seen others and don`t know which to pick.

A few picks of the valves which all got cleaned up.

Nice clean head with new core plugs.

And finally the engine all tidied up and repainted. New core plugs and all the shiney bits cleaned up.

Not the best time to have the car off the road but I have enjoyed doing the work. I will put some more picks on as I put the engine back together and back into the car.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Out and About


October 2009 back in the Lakes. Just about to set off up the Hard Knott pass.

View from the top looked..... ... cold.

And there off (has anyone seen the wife!!??)

Out and about in the Spit Magic !!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Fun in the lakes

Had a great time in the Lakes camping for two nights. A very rainy sart on the Friday run up from Warrington. However we were blessed with an excelent sunny Saturday and we were joined by a few more cars and owners making for a great break. Rob chose a well located camp site with good facilities and very welcoming staff (and it was near to some superb roads). I hope this will become an annual event so that more people can enjoy Robs sausage barms!!.

The wigwam was very ....... chicken coop!

The car ran really well and got a lot of attention. Resetting the carbs and oiling the linkages made a big difference.

I`m biased but I do think the white one looks best (Now theres a debate!!??)

Friday, 10 July 2009

The new car arrives

This is the new car hoping for many hours driving. Just joined club Triumph and already going on the ten countries with Bobbyspit.

The car was bought from Sarah Gingel who has looked after it well for the last five years. It now proudly sits in my garage with both me and my wife itching to take it out. No mods or upgrades planned at the minute but a good winter overhaul planned during the dark months.